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(Centre for Minimal Access Surgery, Obesity, IUI & Infertility Management)

profile Brief Bio-Data of Dr. Neelam Misra
Dr Neelam Misra Dr. NeelamMisra

Born 27th May 1957

ü  MBBS & M.S. in Obst. &Gynae. In 1985 from G. S.V. M. Medical College, Kanpur, India.

ü  Member Indian Association of Gynaecological Endoscopist.

ü  Fellow of International Society of Gynaecological Endoscopy.

ü  Areas of interest – Minimal Access Surgery, Hysteroscopy, Infertility.

ü  Former Senior Consultant  Obstetrician&Gyanecologist at Zahedan Medical  University, Iran and at Al  Zahrawi Hospital, Dubai, UAE. (1985- 1994)

ü  Currently working as Senior Consultant Obst. &Gynae. & Laparoscopic Surgeon at Shivani Hospital & IVF, Kanpur, India.

ü  Organizing Chairperson Gynae Endoscopy Workshop WWWCON-2018, Kanpur.

ü  Organized number of Conferences/CMEs / Workshops on Endosurgery in Kanpur in UPCOG.

ü  Organizing Chairperson IMACGP-2018 Refresher Course, Kanpur.

ü  Vice President of FOGSI, Kanpur.

ü  Sr. Vice President IMA, Kanpur (2016-2017).

ü  Former Hon. Secretary- FOGSI, Kanpur.

ü  Former Senior Secretary – FOGSI, Kanpur.

ü  Invited faculty to many International & National Conferences & Workshops.

Presented papers on Minimal Access Surgery in Gynaecology at various. International & National forums.



Academic Achievements of Dr. Neelam Misra1.

1.    Delivered a talk on “Role of Dinogest in Endometriosis” at KOGS on 8th June 2018.
2.    Organized pre congress live workshop on Laparoscopy and Hysteroscopy with hands on training at National Conference of Obstetrics and Gynaecology and 27th state conference UPCOG-2015 on 27th Nov. 2015.
3.    Organized one day live workshop on Laparoscopic Hysterectomy with Ethicon by Dr. B. B. Das, Delhi at Mariampur Hospital, Kanpur on 4th July 2015.
4.    Delivered a talk on “Backache – A Gynaecologist’s Perspective” at Royal Cliff, Kanpur on 6th June 2015.   
5.    National Faculty in CME on Infertility Update 2015 Organized by UP Chapter of Indian Fertility Society and Madhuraj Advanced Infertility and IVF Center on 1 Feb. 2015 at Hotel Landmark, Kanpur.
6.    Participated as Panelist of CME “Approach and Management of Irritable Bowel Syndrome” on 24th Jan. 2015 at GSVM Medical College, Kanpur.
7.    Faculty in workshop on “Reproductive Endocrinology & Infertility” at Annual day of Kanpur Obst.&Gynae. Society on 7th Dec. 2014.
8.    Faculty in CME and Interactive Live Workshop on Infertility, IUI and IVF at Vardhman Laparoscopy and Advance Infertility Center, Muzaffar Nagar on 21st July 2013.      
9.    Chaired a session in Effect of Metal Oestrogen in GESICON, 26th April, 2014.
10.    Attended World Congress of Gynaecology& Obstetrics at Rome, 9th – 12th Oct. 2013
11.    Chaired session in AIIMS “Primary Amenorrhea” in GESICON, 2012.
12.    Lecture on Laparoscopic Management in Ectopic Pregnancy at FOGSI Varanasi, 2012


13.    Faculty in FORCE 2011.
14.    Lecture on “Management of Endometriosis in Infertility” at Updates in Infertility & Hands on IUI at Lucknow on 10th – 11th Dec. 2011.
15.    Lecture on “Laparoscopy in Gynaecology” FIAGES in Lucknow, Dec.2011
16.    Panelist in session of Endometriosis in UPCON Agra, 18th Dec. 2011.
17.    Invited National Faculty at AICOG Hyderabad Lecture on Management of Diabetic Ketoacidosis in Pregnancy at Jan. 2011.
18.    Honored by Indian Medical Association, Kanpur on Doctor’s day 1st July, 2011.
19.    Panelist in session of Pre Eclampsia, FOGSI, Kanpur.
20.    Lecture at FOGSI Kanpur on Endometriosis.
21.    Lecture FOGSI Kanpur
22.    Panelist in session of Pre Cautious Puberty  Invited faculty AIIMS New Delhi
23.    Received FICOG at Hyderabad. Lecture on Diabetic Keto Acidosis in Pregnancy in Hyderabad, 2011.
24.    Panelist on “Protecting human lives from biting cold and its after effects” at IMAAMS, Kanpur Chapter programme on 31 Jan. 2010.
25.    Faculty International Speaker Programme on “What matter in a HPV vaccine” Jan. 24, 2009, at New Delhi.
26.    Faculty at LAPAROCON – 2009 at RamaMedicalCollege, Kanpur 20th Dec. 2009.
27.    Attended World Congress of Gynaecology& Obstetrics at Cape Town, South Africa 2nd – 8th Oct. 2009.
28.    Invited faculty in CME cum workshop on Laparoscopic Surgery, delivered talk on Laparoscopic Uterine Surgery  22 – 23rd Aug. 2009, BHU, Varanasi.
29.    Chaired a session on recent advances in ART & IVF at IMACGP refresher course on 20th Jan. 2009.
30.    Invited faculty and delivered lecture on LAVC at 52nd ALL INDIA CONGRESS OF OBSTETRIC AND GYNAECOLOGY at Jaipur (Rajasthan) on 4th to 8th January 2009.
31.    Participated in “FOGSIAN” Mind and Body Connect on board the exciting Star Cruise, Singapore from 18th - 21st Nov. 2008.
32.    Panelist for “Spiritual Values in Health Care Management” at National Conference of Surgery and Meditation Retreat at GyanSarovar, Mount Abu 25th– 29th Sept. 2008.


33.    Faculty at Second Annual Conference of DelhiGynaecologicalEndoscopists Society April 25 – 27, 2008.
34.    Delivered a talk on “Management of Pelvic Inflammatory Disease & Bacterial Vaginosis” at FOGSI Kanpur meet on 12th  April 2008 .
35.    Organised “Kanpur Endosurgery” on 15th& 16th March, 2008 at Mariampur Hospital, Kanpur under the aegis of Association of Surgeons of India – UP Chapter and supported by FOGSI Kanpur & Kanpur Surgical Club, an interactive live laparoscopic surgery workshop on general surgery, urology &gynaecology with record attendance of more than 400 delegates and more than 20 renowned faculties from all over India and inaugurated by President of ASI Dr. A. A. Hai.
36.    Presented a scientific paper on Laparoscopic Management of Post Hysterectomy Ovarian Masses at Hyderabad, 8th Asia Pacific Congress of Endoscopic and Laparoscopic Surgeons of Asia (ELSA), 17th – 19th Aug. 2007.
37.    Participated in CME Programme on HIV/AIDS Prevention and Treatment Awareness organized by National AIDS Control Organization (NACO) at MariampurHospital, Kanpur on 18th Feb. 2007.                    
38.    Chaired a Session on “Role of Laparoscopy in Management of Fibroids in Infertility” at Indian Association of GynaecologicalEndoscopists (IAGE) Annual Conference at ApolloHospitals, New Delhi, 28th – 30thApril , 2006.
39.    Attended World Congress of Obstetrcian&Gynaecologist at Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, 5th -10th Nov., 2006.
40.    Organized Workshop “infertility” in UP Chapter of Obst&Gynae FOGSI, Kanpur, 24th Nov., 2006.
41.    Chaired a Session on “Role of Laparoscopy in Infertility” in Pre Congress Workshop at U. P. Chapter of Obst&Gynae FOGSI, Kanpur, 24th Nov., 2006.
42.    Chaired a Session on “Management of Adenomyosis” at XVIII Annual Conference of FOGSIU. P. Chapter, Kanpur, 24th-27th Nov., 2006.
43.    Chairperson in Urogynaecological Workshop (International Congress & Live Operative Workshop) U.P.R.S 2006 at Govt.KasturbaGandhiHospital, Chennai, 16th – 19th June 2006.
44.    Panelist in “International debate on Maternal Mortality in Developing Countries” at 18th All India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Aurangabad, Jan 6th – 9th 2005.
45.    Attended  I.A.G.E Conference at Mumbai, 16th – 17th April, 2005.
46.    Attended URPS Conference at Govt.KasturbaGandhiHospital, Chennai 25th– 26th June 2005.


47.    Organized Session on “Management of Menopause and its Problems” in IMACollege of General Practitioners (IMACGP) State Level Refresher Course at GSVMMedicalCollegeKanpur, 23rd – 30th Nov., 2005.
48.    Attended 9th Regional Meeting of ISGE at Mumbai, 22nd – 25th Sept. 2005.
49.     Chaired a Session on “Surgical Management of Menorrhagia” at 47th AICOG at Agra 6th – 9th Jan., 2004.
50.    Presented Scientific Paper on “Role of Laparoscopy in Chronic Lower Abdominal Pain” at 47th AICOG, Agra 6th - 9th Jan. 2004.
51.     Attended “Hysterectomy in the New Millennium” at Bombay Hospital Institute of Medical Sciences, Mumbai, 14th – 15th Aug. 2004.
52.     Chaired a Session in “World Congress on Practical Infertility Management &Humen Reproduction”, Mumbai, Nov., 19th – 21st, 2004.
53.      Chaired a Session in 46th all India Congress of Obstetrics and Gynaecology, Banglore, Jan. 6th – 9th ,2003.
54.    Attended 3rd Indo – German Endoscopic workshop at Kanpur, 18th – 19th Nov. 2000.
55.    Presented Scientific Paper on “Laparoscopic Management of Large Dermoid Masses” at 7th World Congress of Endoscopic Surgery, NationalUniversity of Singapore, 1st - 4th June 2000.
56.    Organized a Workshop in IAP Kanpur branch Federation of Obstetrics and Gynaecological Societies July 23rd, 2000.
57.    Presented Scientific Paper on “Laparoscopic Management of Large Ovarian Masses” at 43rd FOGSI, Lucknow, 27th - 30th  Dec. 1999.
58.    Chairperson in State Level Refresher Course of  I.M.A College of General Practitioners Kanpur, Sub Faculty, 1997.
59.    Organized a Live “Workshop on LAVH at MariampurHospital, Kanpur, 17th Jan. 1997.


60.    Attended 1st Indo – German workshop on Laparoscopic General Surgery and Gynaecology, Kanpur, Feb. 24th – 26th1997.
61.    Attended a workshop on Intra corporeal suturing at 2nd Annual IAGES Congress at K.E.M.Hospital & SethG.S.MedicalCollege Mumbai,19th – 21st Nov. 1996
62.    Attended 39th FOGSIWorkshop on Hysteroscopy & LaparoscopyKanpur. 27th – 30th Dec. 1995,
63.    Diploma in Endoscopic Surgery from State Island University Hospital, USA,
64.    Paper for publication 1- Heterotopic Pregnancy a growing diagnostic challenge. 2 Laparoscopic Assisted Vaginal Cervicopexy. 3- How to avoid ovarian hyperstimulation syndrome a new indication for dopamine agonists, 4- Role of Laparoscopy in Chronic Lower Abdominal Pain.