Is Laparoscopy safe?

All myths and facts about Laparoscopy, you need to know.

What is Laparoscopy?

Laparoscopy is a procedure of surgery in which a fiber-optic instrument is inserted through the abdominal wall to view the organs in the abdomen or permit small-scale surgery. Though it's not a major surgery, its recovery time is quick due to the smaller incisions.

It's Use

Laparoscopy is a surgery used to check the organs in the abdomen region. It is also be used to check the internal organs of a women's pelvis. A thinly lighted tube having a video camera, inserted into the abdomen wall is called a Laparoscope.

Laparoscopy is used in multiple treatments of diseases or health issues like; endometriosis, chronic pelvic pain, pelvic inflammatory disease, and the cause of infertility. It is also be used to remove the cysts in an ovary, lymph nodes, fibroids, uterus, or an ectopic pregnancy.

Myths and Facts about Laparoscopy

Myth: It is a myth about Laparoscopic, it is costlier than open surgery.

Fact: This is a complete myth. Though Laparoscopic takes one-two day for the completion of surgery thus this one is cheaper than open surgery.

Myth: Visualizing the Abdomen and Pelvic organs through Laparoscopy is poor.

Fact: Patients who have had multiple abdominal surgeries in their previous days, can not have a Laparoscopic procedure.

Myth: The body of the patients having large ovarian cysts, fibroid, etc. can not have their procedure performed by Laparoscopy because of the small incisions.

Fact: Removing large abdominal structures is safe and effective with Laparoscopy.

Myth: Patients can not undergo a Laparoscopic procedure with severe adhesion and scar tissue.

Fact: Micro laparoscope is an instrument with 2mm diameter, is available to gain safe entry to the abdomen wall.

Myth: Endometriosis (a disorder in which tissue grows outside the uterus besides lining the uterus) can not be treated by Laparoscopy properly.

Fact: Endometriosis of any kind can only be treated effectively by Laparoscopy, especially those small lesions which can not be seen with naked eyes. Such lesions are only accessible through Laparoscopy.

Myth: It's a huge myth about thin and overweight people that they can not have a Laparoscopic procedure.

Fact: Laparoscopic tools are made for every body type. It changes its size according to the patient's body type.

Myth: Hysterectomy is too complex to be performed by Laparoscopic.

Fact: Hysterectomy, a process of removing the entire uterus, which used to be performed openly, is now available with Laparoscopy easily.

Myth: During Laparoscopy, if a bleeding or other complication occurs, the procedure must be converted to "open" surgery.

Fact: If some complications occur during the Laparoscopy surgery, it can be treated with Laparoscopy the same as with open surgery.

Myth: Having a previous or current abdominal infection can not undergo Laparoscopy.

Facts: Laparoscopy is as safe as open surgery while having a previous or current abdominal infection. A patient can easily undergo Laparoscopy even after having any previous or current abdominal infection.

Myth: In Laparoscopy, It is a complete myth, a patient is kept longer at risk due to increased anesthesia compared to open surgeries.

Fact: Laparoscopic can be performed quickly and safely by experienced endoscopic surgeons. Even if the duration of the procedure was longer, the risk of small additional exposure to anesthesia is far outweighed by the benefits of Laparoscopy.

So, its clear Laparoscopy is a modern technique procedure and it is safe

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