What Is IVF? What Are The Myths And Facts About IVF?

All you need to know about IVF. The myths and facts about the IVF.

The full form of IVF is " In Vitro Fertilization". 'Vitro' is a Latin word that refers to " within the glass". When something is performed in vitro, it happens outside of a living organism.

The whole process of IVF:

IVF is the process, in which, woman's egg and man's sperm are combined outside of the woman's body in a laboratory.

The importance of IVF:

The process of IVF is made for those women who are not capable of producing a baby.

Thus IVF is proved as a boon for such women.

The problem of infertility is caused by the following reasons;

  • PCOS (Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome)

  • The problem of the thyroid (including both the 'Overactive Thyroid Gland' and 'Underactive Thyroid Gland').

  • Premature Ovarian Failure (where the ovary stops working before the age of 40)

  • Excessive smoking can lead to the problem of fertility.

  • Consuming excessive alcohol can affect fertility.

  • Obesity can cause infertility due to PCOS occurring in obese people.

  • Eating disorders can affect fertility due to weight loss or weight gain.

  • STI ( Sexually Transmitted Diseases) can also affect fertility.

  • The ability to conceive may stop or decrease after the age of 32.

Myths and Facts about IVF:

  • Myth: IVF babies are born weaker than natural ones.

  • Fact: It is absolutely a myth. IVF babies are as normal as natural ones.

  • Myth: IVF requires the woman to admit to the hospital.

  • Fact: During the egg collecting operations, IVF takes only a few hours and no one is required to be admitted.

  • Myth: IVF is only related to female infertility.

  • Fact: It is a false notion. IVF is related to both female and male infertility.

  • Myth: IVF babies are born with disabilities.

  • Fact: There is no difference between a normal baby and an IVF baby.

  • Myth: IVF guarantees the success of the first cycle.

  • Fact: Every case is different from the other one. Thus the success rate also can fluctuate.

  • Myth: Fertility medicines can cause cancer.

  • Fact: No such research says that fertility injections are given to the infertility couple cause cancer.

  • Myth: You can not try for the second time.

  • Fact: Well, it is absolutely a myth. You can surely try for the next time.

Thus, IVF can be beneficial for couples who are not capable of producing the baby naturally.

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