Why Do Most Men Hide Their Infertility Issues?

The infertility issue in India is increasing day by day. The couples are taking the help of In Vitro Fertilizations treatment. Infertility is a disease known as the "Disease of the reproductive system".

There are lots of solutions for infertility out there. Men, whether in India or other in other countries, have this misconception in their mind if they would talk about their infertility, people will make fun of them and they would not be considered real men.

The burden of infertility is on both men and women. Infertility has not been anything to hide anymore nowadays. People are more aware of infertility and its treatments but there is an issue with men related to infertility. Infertility is only a disease woman is a misconception for some people. Men are equally responsible for infertility or not having a baby. Usually, men hide their infertility problems and make their partners (female) responsible for them. Infertility affects one out of every six heterosexual couples, making it a frequent problem among those of reproductive age. The man is the problem for 40% of couples who are unable to conceive. Also, fertility has long been seen as a "woman's problem," with male infertility being rarely discussed.

In recent years, there has been a lot of concern about Western men's dropping fertility rates and the possible difficulties that this may cause. Infertility affects one out of every six heterosexual couples, making it a frequent problem among people of reproductive age. The man is the issue in 40% of infertile couples. Despite this, fertility remains a "woman's problem," with male infertility rarely discussed.

The majority of the time, we discuss women's health and body image. Mostly, we talk about women's health and body viewpoints. Resulting this man starts hiding their infertility problems from others because of the singular focus on woman's health. And, according to a prior study, infertility can be an extremely challenging and stressful experience for males. Fertility diagnosis and treatment can be traumatic for many guys. A period that was frequently compared to a "rollercoaster," with many males expressing anguish and despair. Even though infertility remains a taboo subject among men, we got a substantial number of completed surveys with rich, detailed testimonies. The majority of respondents felt it had harmed their psychological well-being, citing anxiety, depression, and stress-related illness as examples.

Every possible thing in the world has its pros and cons. Some men hide their infertility problems because they focus on women's body health and viewpoint, there are some men too who think they would become less man if they would share about infertility so they imposed this on their female partner.

Men or females should talk about infertility and should not make it taboo.

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