Shivani Hospital has highly specialized facilities devoted to the most advanced surgical services, such as emergency, day-care operations, and scheduled in-patient surgeries. This section of general surgery is where the same operation is performed using the most advanced surgical techniques. We have a team of professional surgeons on staff who will provide you with the best guidance for all of your surgical needs. Hospital is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and provides the best medical care in the area. The ICU, the Emergency.

Laparoscopic and minimally invasive surgical techniques are used to perform lap cholecystectomy, lap hernia replacements, and a variety of other keyhole procedures at our hospitals. These are done regularly and have a higher success rate and take less time to recover. We have an experienced team of surgeons at Shivani Hospital who offer the best care for diagnostic and therapeutic laparoscopy. Our surgeons are capable of handling a wide range of cases, including trauma, gastrointestinal procedures, thoracic surgery, and more. It is determined whether a patient should undergo minimally invasive surgery or conventional surgery based on the patient’s condition.

  • All of the specialists from the departments of anesthesia, general surgery, cardiology, medicine, orthopedics, and neurosurgery collaborate as a team.
  • The minimally invasive procedure provides a quicker recovery with less pain.
  • Plans for recovery that are both efficient and reliable.
  • We use modular operation theatres that are well fitted with HEPA filters and laminar flow to ensure a low infection risk.
  • With PCA, you can ensure improved post-operative pain control.
  • There is less bleeding (no muscle cut).
  • Computer-assisted surgery is a form of surgery that uses a computer to assist the surgeon (CAS).