Pediatrics and neonatology are a department that provides comprehensive healthcare to children from birth to the age of sixteen. For children and adolescents, we provide a wide range of clinical services, tertiary care, and health promotion and prevention programs. Almost all sub-disciplines of pediatric medicine are covered by our specialists. We provide state-of-the-art pediatric services to both patients and their families in the form of open contact, emotional support, and education on the management of medical conditions affecting children.

We can treat both neonates and infants at all three stages in the Intensive Care Unit because we have the most modern equipment and facilities at our hospital.


Our team provides advanced pediatric services, with doctors trained at top medical institutes. Their expertise and experience are combined to provide the best medical advice. The aim is to provide the required treatment. Shivani Hospital is attempting to fill this void by bringing its excellent pediatric services to the community.

Shivani Hospital is well-equipped with cutting-edge technology and offers the best pediatric treatment in the city. Under one roof, you’ll find Emergency, ICU, wards, OPD, Daycare, OT, Pre- and Post-Operative clinic, labs, and Radiology facilities. The pediatric team of doctors is highly trained and can provide you with the best medical, intensive, and surgical care available.